Manapantalu is our continued website of Nelatalli. While Nelatalli gives bit to bit information about any type of crop followed by in depth analysis of cultivation process, Manaraitu Manapantalu primarily focuses on the benefits and drawbacks of those food items.

Addiction to Easiness

Nowadays agriculture is losing its essence in the mask of development. Everyone is addicted to easiness and ignoring the great gifts from the nature. As a result, we are facing so many health issues and spending too much money to become healthy. So many people are consulting physicians just for cold and cough which can be cured with simple home remedies. It is extremely surprising to know that most of the well educated people also don't know the enormous benefits of various fruits, vegetables, spices and other commercial crops. Some of them don't even know that such type of fruits or vegetables exist in the nature.

Our Initiative

Manaraitu Manapantalu gives you each and every detail of the food crop that you don't even know about it. We provide you the benefits of each crop with comprehensive nutritional calculations so that, you don't need to meet a dietician. If you follow the perfect diet of these natural food items, there is a minimal chance of being unhealthy. In this way, Manapantalu has taken the initiative to save some of your money and bring you the endless benefits of various food items.

What more ?

As a matter of fact, anything excess can have its own drawbacks and these natural food items are not an exception for that, but that doesn't mean they are harmful. Anything beyond limit can lead to various side effects and we also give a brief description about that. Just follow these advises and you will be more healthy without consulting any physician.